Our Team

Board Members

Clinical Director: Dr Mariam Adegoke

Wells Park Practice

Partner: Dr Anthony Adegoke
Practice Manager: Antonia Makinde

Woolstone Medical Practice

Partner: Dr Alexie Zimmermann
Practice Manager: Stuart Hall

The Vale Medical Centre

Partner: Dr Jaideep Israel
Practice Manager: Sandra Younsi

Sydenham Green Group Practice

Partner: Dr Thomas Quinn 
Practice Manager: Ed Hillan

PCN Staff

PCN Services and Development Manager: Lisa Jones

PCN Pharmacist: Samir Taheri
Health & Wellbeing Coach: Steven Harrison
Health & Wellbeing Nutritionist: Tony Hirving
Mental Health Practitioner: Lourdes Guttierrez
Mental Health Coach: Jemimah Logan
Mental Health and Cardiovascular Fellow: Vicki Collins
Long Acting and Reversible Contraception Nurse (LARC): David Ritchie
Women’s Health Fellow: Allegra Slorance
Youth and Wellbeing GP: Dr Ichechim White

Senior Care Co-ordinators: Louis Williams, Shan-ann Cornwall
Care Co-ordianotors: Brenda Durnell, Joanne Penney, Claire Kilbane, Toke Solebo, Johnathan Torres-Chamba, Zohal Derwesh
Workflow Co-ordianotors: Judy Dodds, Pavi Kuppam, Jignesh Valera, Yassar Arafath Palliyal, Zohal Derwesh
Social Prescribers: Carmelo Di Maria

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